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Visiting New Mills Festival Art Trail 2021

Yesterday, I spent the whole day looking at artwork in the window @newmillsfestival @mfestivalarts . The great thing about the art trail where I exhibit but not being at my stand selling my work is I can see other artists’ artwork!

First I went to find @highstbooksandrecords to find @aheavysoul display. Andrea Joseph’s illustration with cacti display were presented so beautifully matching the mood of the shop itself. I bought ‘King Solomon’s Ring’ with beautiful cover and illustration so I purchased it. Downstairs room is an interesting place full of records. I understand this shop is attracting lots of collectors locally and also from all over the world.

(left to right, top to bottom) Revive Cafe, No. 28 Andrea Joseph, High Street Books & Records downstairs room, High Street Books & Records shop front

@newmillsgallery I found Linda Moss' ‘Zero waste eating on the go’, carrying pouch of bamboo cutlery is a lovely item which reminds me of chopstick case back in Japan. I love African print, too. This art trail made me aware when artwork matches so much with the environment such as shop’s colour scheme, mood, and letters on glass, the entire building looks like art. I found Giovanni’s shop logo on the window and the paintings by @alison_vasey_art harmonize so well. I realized @featherlettered decorated some windows in New Mills they create a lovely atmosphere in the town. I was so glad I found @joannaallenstudio lots of plants, fabulous artworks in a large window. So a beautiful calm place.

(left to right, top to bottom) No. 6 Ryoji Goto, No. 14 Kirstie Adamson and Hannah Lobley, No. 39 Rachel Cleary, No. 5 Nerissa Cargill Thompson, No. 55 John Handley, No. 23 Joanna Allen, No. 8 Sara Kightley, No. 40 Paul Gent, No. 62 Phil Taylor

It was lovely I bumped into Jenny Rothwell in the street after many moons of not seeing each other. I photographed her beautiful jewellery that depicts scenery in Derbyshire. With this pace I could not finish visiting, I went to the Revive cafe for my lunch and found the illustration by Sara Kightley who runs @yellowbutton_uk. I went to look again window display by @nerissact. I admire her unique and individual approach to sending messages about environmental issues. I found an impressive large installation bird by @goto_popuptokyo. I enjoyed looking at the painting in detail on the body of the bird. I found the installation by @glittersintherain beautiful with hanging straws and artwork with recycling materials, @traceycoverley for her fantastic embroidered portraits, @jh_ceramics who I had a chat when I was admiring his ceramics display. Wide range of Paul Gent’s illustrations are at auction for @blythehousehospice1. I share the link here Make sure to bid before the auction ends within 3 days.

(left to right, top to bottom) No. 3 Jenny Neville & Heather Restall, No. 17 Craig Longmuir, No. 27 Alison Vasey, No. 2 Susanna Amato, No. 64 Harry Frost, No. 67 Tracey Coverley, No. 36 Jenny Rothwell (67 Mellor Road Artists), No. 3 Wiseheart & Wild, No. 27 Lida Moss (The Gallery)

Papier-mache dolls by @kadamsonartist @hannahlobleyart at Venue No. 14 are royal family that calls for environmental actions. @pjt_artist questions our lifestyle with his artwork inspired by Neolithic rocks. Huge black/white painting by @artcraiglongmuir is so impressive. Beautiful paintings by @harryfrost at Door 34 cafe . Dynamic approach combining fineart + performance by Susanna Amato @curlysue_0. Finally At Wiseheart & Wild showcases beautiful textile by @wiseheartandwild and ceramics works by Jenny Veville & Heather Restall.

I enjoyed all the window displays I visited. It was difficult to take good pictures which I hope is ok quality for the artists and also avoid taking customers in the window so there were many more photos I wanted to show and I couldn’t.

By the way I am exhibiting my installation and some jewellery exploring the expression for narrating the situation of the endanged birds on the U.K. Red List at venue No. 10 @stepwise_pods. Hope you enjoy visiting New Mills Festival by 26th September.

No. 10 Yuka Jourdain Jewellery

Documented and written by Yuka Jourdain

@yukajourdainjewellery 23/9/2021

Yuka Jourdain

Contemporary jewellery designer and maker

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