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Artist talk 'My work, my process and inspiration' by Lin Cheung at Cupola Gallery

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

The artist talk event featuring Lin Cheung, who currently (7 October - 11 November) has a solo exhibition at Sheffield's Cupola Gallery, is now accessible on YouTube and is quite captivating, prompting me to share it with you. You can watch the video at The talk's content is highly recommended not only for individuals engaged in the art world but also for those exploring new avenues of expression and anyone intrigued by art as a means of self-understanding. Lin Cheung, an abstract painter based in Derbyshire, England, plays an active role in contributing to the vibrant art scene.

During the initial part of the talk, Lin delves into the path that led her to become an artist. She explores the discomfort of attributing works as her own that she didn't create when she was a little girl, the emotional high of receiving accolades for ceramics crafted in her student days, the frustration of encountering resistance to her opinions, the profound inspiration derived from creating aesthetically pleasing marketing materials, and the pivotal moment when she committed to expressing herself through art. Lin reflects on the pivotal moments that have shaped her journey toward becoming an artist. Her prior career as a psychotherapist, before embracing full-time artistry, is evident in her thorough introspection of her personal trajectory.

'Connections and Associations' Exhibition by Lin Cheung at Cupola Gallery

Lin, who has now established herself as a full-time artist, went through a process of experimentation with various art materials and took lessons to find her own expressive style. It was through an encounter with a particular art lesson that she found a method and direction that resonated perfectly with her. The primary theme of Lin's artworks is self-expression, progressing through the observation of tools, paints, paper, the artistic process, and her own reactions. This unfolds in a manner where she observes, reflects, and takes the next action. It seems to resemble a process of applying the techniques she used in psychotherapy to herself, but through the medium of art.

Lin also discusses her approach to continuously creating artworks as an artist. It is crucial for her to secure specific weekdays and time slots that are conducive to her creative process, and she has found Sunday mornings to be particularly suitable. During these times, she begins by looking at her own creations, feeling something, and then taking action. Instead of standing still in front of a blank canvas, wondering what to do, she believes it is highly effective to have something prepared that she can respond to, fostering an environment where her reactions can naturally guide her artistic process.

Entering the Q&A session, an artist remarked, "Most artists, unlike Lin, spend a considerable amount of time confronting negative emotions rather than positive ones during the creative process." Additionally, it was intriguing to hear Lin share, in response to a question about the themes in her artworks from another participant, that due to her upbringing, her pieces often incorporate two conflicting or contrasting elements.

Here's Lin Cheung's website.

Here is Cupola Gallery's website.

'Creative Connections' book by Lin Cheung

Yesterday, I went to the gallery to see Lin's artworks. It was the final day of the exhibition at Cupola Gallery. Standing in front of the actual pieces, I could feel the colors and brushstrokes communicating with me. I had the opportunity to closely observe the thickness of the paint and areas that were either layered or scraped away. Lately, I've noticed that I tend to feel a false sense of knowing from looking at photos and videos, so I realized the importance of going to see things with my own eyes.

Before leaving the gallery, I bought the book of Lin's 30-day sketchbook challenge. It not only sets daily challenge prompts but also includes thoughtful questions for reflecting on the created pieces. I think Lin's book is unique in that it enables a thorough self-reflection process.

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