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Giving a Feather

'Giving a Feather' workshop was delivered as a part of Cupola 30 paid (to chosen artists) free (for participants) workshops thanks to Cupola Contemporary Art.

This workshop has been developed so the making experience will be an opportunity for creating discussion about endangered birds on the Red List. 

The participants selected a laser-cut endangered bird piece on the Red List, felted wool top, and embellished the piece using pencils, beads and threads. 
Giving a feather workshop images
All the participants created these fantastic beautiful pieces of brooch/wall-hanging shown below. This workshop proved this fun activity contributes to trigger our interest in each bird species. It also showed how amazingly everyone made her personal choice to create an individual piece. 

There is another batch of red-listed bird cuts that have been made into an installation and has been displayed at New Mills Festival Art Trail 2021. Please refer to Pray for Reconnection Project page for details if you are interested.
Would you like to create one or buying as a gift? 'Giving a feather' brooch/wall-hanging making kit is for sale in my shop. Please click the image link below. 
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Would you like to host a 'Giving a Feather' workshop? Please get in touch with me either using contact form or emailing to
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