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Cupola Gallery Internship Day 3

Cupola 30 -celebrating 30 years of Cupola

24 July - 28 August Over 70 artists are exhibiting work across all media. Work for sale. 30th Anniversary celebration launch and exhibition closing party: Sat 28 August, 6 - 10pm

Free programme, activities and events on

Getting ready for '30 years of Cupola'

Photos: Images of Cupola Gallery

Everyone at Cupola Gallery has been working for the launch for 30 years of Cupola Gallery which starts tomorrow on 24th July till 28th August. There are lots to do for showing all the artists fantastic works in the best possible way.

Today Karen was hanging 2D works on the wall. It requires a lot of experience doing this well. The frames need to align well as well as colours need to be well distributed. 3D works are displayed so they create movement in the space, some of them hanging from the ceiling. Graham was doing the same upstairs room.

I was displaying jewellery all day but it takes long time. I try to display so customers can see a jeweller expresses and her/his world through her work in each glass case. Probably because I create jewellery myself, I image how a jeweller interacted with materials and I understand how a piece of jewellery has been cared and developed through a jeweller's hand.

I might contact jewellers and do some interviews about some pieces of jewellery. Sometimes they have some passions into particular works but they do not always talk about it.

Do you know 'Museum Gel'? I did not know about it till today. This gel has been invented for supporting glass works on shelves in the area earthquakes hit regularly. I used this product today for giving support to a leaning slate sheet .

Photo: Image of 'Museum Gel'

Home time

Photos: Near Castleton and Mom Tor

I drive picturesque Peak District countryside road for commuting to Cupola Gallery in Sheffield. There are so many places worth taking photos of along the way. I need to be careful especially on the way back home as some people drive far too fast trying to overtake other cars. The evening light is not easy to see clearly cyclists just after sharp bends, and the risk they are taking and putting others into is just for saving only 5 minutes...

Today's brooch

My brooch today was a sample piece that I made for Cupola 30 workshop on Saturday 18th September. Herring Gull is one of the bird species on the UK Red List of Birds.

There will be 10 workshops by different artists which starts from Saturday 31st. Some workshops are drop-in sessions and others need booking so check it on


Documented and written by Yuka Jourdain on 23/7/2021


Yuka Jourdain

Contemporary jewellery designer and maker.

Currently an intern at Cupola Contemporary Gallery during summer months 2021 after graduating from Sheffield Hallam University MFA Design Jewellery and Metalwork.

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