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Cupola Gallery Internship Day 4&5

Cupola 30 Exhibition

Cupola 30 Exhibition has started on 24th July and it will be on until 28th August. Over 70 artists' artworks are exhibited in Cupola Gallery now! I hope lots of visitors come to view the fantastic artworks that have so much work, time, thoughts, and emotions within. Cupola gallery has four main rooms. Reception gallery is where the entrance is, the next room is Main gallery. Through the reception, we can go out to the garden with lots of sculptures. By going upstairs, we come to Long gallery (upstairs airy space with sofa) and Craft gallery. I like a building that has a character and developed over time. An apartment where a student lived 30 years ago grew into a gallery and the student became a gallery owner. The building witnessed all that happened in this place.

What I have done these two days at the gallery. I still worked on some labelling, tidying up around jewellery case, looking after plants and trees in and around the gallery. I also started helping social media marketing. I do my marketing on social media but doing it for a gallery requires more skills and time. I hope to present all these fantastic works as much as possible through social media so people come to have a look on site.

Today's jewellery

It was a windy day and not easy to take the morning selfie with lots to carry so I took an image of this lovely ceramics brooch later on. It was created by Shirley Vauvelle @shirleyvauvelle . Shirley's artworks and jewellery are at display both in Craft gallery and Reception gallery at Cupola.


Documented and written by Yuka Jourdain

@yukajourdainjewellery 21/7/2021

Yuka Jourdain

Contemporary jewellery designer and maker.

Currently an intern at Cupola Contemporary Gallery during summer months 2021 after graduating from Sheffield Hallam University MFA Design Jewellery and Metalwork.

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