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 Pray for Reconnection Together

MFA Project

Dissemination of the state of UK's Red listed endangered birds through collaboration.


Collaboration with Rosalind Gilberthorpe

The collaboration with Rosalind Gilberthorpe was a design exchange inspired by the project concept: red-listed birds, biodiversity loss, and sustainability. Finally, #redlistbirdbadge has been created and sent out to those who are interested in the subject. The #redlistbirdbadge was worn by the participants and their experience with birds and the understanding of the red list were disseminated on social media.

Seeking collaboration during the lockdown was challenging, however, this project encouraged me to rethink the dissemination beyond traditional ways. Incorporating the benefit of using an online platform that can connect to anyone regardless of the place, and keeping the tangible side of material handling can be explored more in the future project.  

redlistbirdbadge final.jpg
#Redlistbridbadge project

'Home, 家, Lar'

Collaboration with Bernie Rutter

The collaboration with Bernie Rutter, a printmaker/educator, started by exchanging Jourdain’s bird designs and Rutter’s house designs. After several weeks of developing works, the studio meet could be carried out to prepare for the exhibition at Surface Gallery, Nottingham.

Collaborative installation with Bernie Rutter_.jpg
Assembling works with Bernie Rutter
5_Safe home for birds 1 (Collaboration with Bernie Rutter)_aluminium_1_5_2021.jpg
'Safe home for birds 1' installation
4_Safe home for birds 2 (Collaboration with Bernie Rutter)_copper_wool_1_5_2021.jpg
'Safe home for birds 2' installation
Exhibition marketing poster created by Bernie Rutter


Jewellery design by Yuka Jourdain

Collaborating with people and being exposed to various mediums and techniques made Jourdain re-visit her practice as a jewellery designer and the concept of the project, which led her to the initial point of the MA Project: empathy towards rubbish. By refining the methods for handling recycled egg carton which she explored in MA project, she created a necklace and brooch: Rebirth. 

DSC00801 (2).JPG
'Rebirth' necklace #1
'Rebirth' necklace #2
'Rebirth' necklace #3
'Rebirth' necklace #4
'Rebirth' brooch #1
'Rebirth' brooch #2
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