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A Train Ticket...

A set of rings 'A train ticket...' was a response to the open call 'Restriction' organised by Correspondence Collective, Amanda Lynch and Clayhill Arts. 

We recognize the preciousness of simple happiness by backcasting. A day in autumn in 2019 I got on the train will full of hope, the first day at the University that I dreamed and planned for many years. I got on the train with a new sketch book and a train ticket without knowing that the train ticket turns into the metaphor of tangible experience before lockdown. 
'A Train Ticket...' video
I wanted to show the change of emotions im four stages: feeling of excitement being student, growing and gaining skills and knowledge through experience, trapped feeling during lockdown, and the power of resilience that has grown by finding solutions within the restriction.
Making of rings
'A train ticket' rings has been exhibited and archived in the letterpress drawer at clayhillarts with other artists works. Seeing all the works in one place, I cannot help regard this as votive offering that we humans have peformed all over the world since the beginning of the human exhistence. Taking the pain out of the body, visualizing it in the tangible forms, and gathering them in one place, wishing for the effect of healing.
DSC09917 (1).jpg
'A Train Ticket...' rings
Screenshot 2021-03-24 120611.png
'Restriction' by The Correspondence Collective exhibition
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