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Cupola Gallery Internship Day 2

Going to Internship Day 2 at Cupola Gallery, wearing the Song Thrush brooch created by my friend mixed media artist Ingrid Katarina Karlsson. Her works can be found on @ikkartist on Instagram.

Photo: Me wearing Song Thrush brooch by Ingrid Katarina Karlsson

Sign designing

Photos: signboards

I drew on Cupola Gallery's signboard today. In our digital time, hand-writing and hand-drawing can be more eye-catchy than digital images. I just hope my balloons look like balloons though...

How to store paintings

Have I ever thought of how to store paintings? Not really. Karen showed me how to store framed paintings and canvases so both the front and back of paintings and frames will not be damaged.

In addition to how to present artists' works well to customers, storing artwork securely is a big responsibility of a gallery.

Photo: storing paintings

Garden activities

Photo: Bird in the garden/New bench and table area

I cannot think of Cupola Gallery without this lovely garden full of artworks and plants. This afternoon, I was in charge of some polishing works which I did on this bench. I notice the garden is not only for humans but it also attracts other living things birds, insects, butterflies, etc. I have seen at least three different types of birds (Robin, Blackbird, and this one in the photo.)


Documented and written by Yuka Jourdain

@yukajourdainjewellery 21/7/2021

Yuka Jourdain

Contemporary jewellery designer and maker.

Currently an intern at Cupola Contemporary Gallery during summer months 2021 after graduating from Sheffield Hallam University MFA Design Jewellery and Metalwork.

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