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Cupola Gallery Internship Day 1

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Photo: Cupola Gallery entrance/Me in front of the gallery

I am very fortunate to work as an intern at Cupola Gallery this summer just after graduating from Sheffield Hallam University. This is an exciting time for the Gallery as it marks 30 years of opening this August. What great timing to be part of the team!

Hope I can do well on the first day.

Displaying jewellery

Photo: Annette, Karen and me/Cupola's jewellery case/

Annette Petch's jewellery/Annette Petch's jewellery

The first task was displaying jewellery for getting ready for Cupola 30 Mixed Group Show 24 July - 28 August.

I am a jewellery designer and maker. When I supply my jewellery to galleries, I spend several hours labelling and creating documents but I was not aware how it was important until now. The jeweller's works which I displayed in the case today were extremely well labelled. I appreciated each piece was with an attached coded tag and the name of the jewellery was descriptive enough for identifying the piece.

While arranging the jewellery display, my friend jeweller Annette Petch came to the gallery for supplying more works. It was lovely to catch up with Annette after several years of absence. I like our selfie photo, Karen, the gallery owner is waving behind us. Come to see Annette's beautiful jewellery, displayed at Cupola Gallery. You can follow @annettepetch on Instagram.

Gardening time

Photo Yuka sweeping floor/Karen with ice cream/Graham moving heavy flower pot

Cupola Gallery has a nice back garden with lots of artwork and plants. In the afternoon, a big re-arrangement was going on in the garden. Graham removed large objects and unwanted roots, Carol cut branches, I collected cut branches and swept the floor, followed by cold water and ice cream as a treat. What a lovely way to spend a summer day.


Documented and written by Yuka Jourdain

@yukajourdainjewellery 19/7/2021

Yuka Jourdain

Contemporary jewellery designer and maker.

Currently an intern at Cupola Contemporary Gallery during summer months 2021 after graduating from Sheffield Hallam University MFA Design Jewellery and Metalwork.

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