'Wish for Birds' 

-collaborative installation- 

I would like to invite anybody who would agree with the importance of biodiversity and would like to participate in collaborative installation making by designing a bird. I am hoping we all learn and have fun from this experience and the body of collaborative pieces will fly over to various places as an installation for telling the importance of biodiversity together.


Aim: This project is my MFA project as a postgraduate student at Sheffield Hallam University. In the MA project, I researched about biodiversity loss in bird species and how serious they are being affected for various reasons such as habitat loss, food loss, climate change, pesticide, etc. Now 67 birds are on the U.K. Red List of birds which is 1 in 4 bird species in the U.K. I designed jewellery pieces and an installation for getting the message across. If you are interested in my MA project, please read my MA project page under 'Projects' tub. In this MFA project, I would like to send this message further by collaborating with many people. As well as dispersing the message, I would like to communicate with people through design exchange.  


Paper, magazine, soft plastics, fabric, thread... anything you like from the recycling bin or found objects from a corner of the house or from the nature walk...and/or pen, pencil, glue, scissors, etc.

Who can participate?:

Anyone over 16 years old


1. Using materials you have above, design a 2D image of a bird either those on the UK Red List of Birds or any birds that you like. You can print out a template but you do not need to. Any expression is fine, from real life to abstract, the whole or part of a bird.

2. Take a picture. (Please try to take a good photo!)

3. Fill in the application/consent form. (link)

4. I will create your design into a bird in metal.

5. I will share both your design and the translated bird into copper by me on my website/social media. with/without your name (these will be clearly specified on the application/consent in procedure 3 above).

6. I look for the physical venues/exhibitions the collective design will be displayed once the lockdown will be lifted. If the venue is agreed, you will be notified. 

Deadline: 10/4/2021